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Our Services

Family Support

With a focus on strengthening families, our programs teach critical parenting skills, increase problem-solving abilities, decrease high-risk behaviors, and offer counseling, prevention, and support services. We recognize that sustainable home life is the foundation of success. We focus on creating safe environment for children and their parents.

Community-based programs that help and sustain parents in their position as caregivers are family support services. Depending on the family’s abilities and desires, these programs take several different ways, but their overarching aim is to help parents strengthen skills and solve challenges and facilitate optimal child growth.

Community Services

Psychological benefits:  Volunteering boosts general happiness with life and makes you feel good for yourself when you support people. It may also help to relieve tension and relieve stress.

Social benefits: Community service involves students with the group, builds unique connections with the served public, and increases public understanding and responsiveness.

Cognitive benefits: Not only involvement in community service make a difference to the community and persons being served, but it also makes a difference to the future opportunities of every student. Participating in community service programs helps to boost student resumes by empowering them to gain work-related abilities before graduation.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are a generic and empirical tool used to determine the emotional ability and behaviour of people. These are meant to measure the eligibility of applicants for a position depending on the type of personality and aptitude required.

Many job seekers think the psychometric test is not a reasonable measure to determine their actual talents, personality attributes, and job suitability. Psychometric tests, however, are objectively evaluated and designed to be objective and neutral.

Home Based Addiction Therapy

The first step in starting therapy for a drug use disorder is to recognize the fact that you have an addiction. The normal symptoms of an overdose, including an addiction to alcohol, opioids, or stimulants, are identical.

It is necessary to remember physical symptoms such as increases in appetite, reduced hygiene, or withdrawal symptoms, as well as psychological and social symptoms such as deception, holding stashes of the drug, financial troubles, or giving up items you used to care for.

One of the thoughts behind at-home care is that teaching clients to sustain sobriety in their own homes is a way to help them stick to long-term improvements in their lifestyles.

Intervention Services

For academic performance, early learning is like special education, except it is for qualified infants and kids. It gives them the help they need to make advance in life skills. Others who care about the individual struggling with addiction, such as a best friend or an empathetic employer, may also be involved.

Instead of holding the interaction on your own, choosing a skilled intervention makes the process smoother for everybody. Trained interventionists provide the requisite skills to achieve healthy and effective performance, including eliminating the organization’s pressure to discuss therapy.

After care Services

The advantages of aftercare programs are undebatable. Alcohol or opioid use disorder, after you finish rehab, is not something that goes forever. If you finish your initial operation, you also have to put in the effort. Aftercare providers will help and prepare you in rehabilitation for the roadblocks, temptations, and obstacles you can encounter.

This process may be in the form of friends, relatives, a sponsor, or a spiritual or religious therapist. When you embark on your new adventure, you can still continue counselling and preserve good mental health. Please note that on your own, you should not have to produce an aftercare schedule. You will be supported by the recovery center to customize the best approach for your individual needs.

Child and Adolescent Treatment


By offering skilled counseling and recovery services in toddler settings, our interventions support the social health of young people and their families. Child counselor consultants, child psychologists, physical therapy, family therapist, experiential therapist, and nurses are qualified to deal with kids and teens.

Our programs and resources allow children and youth to recover, restore hope and become stable, secure, and prosperous adults.

Families are important partners in the management of mental health and addiction problems, we aim to engage families in diagnosis and treatment and to work with families to improve their children’s health and well-being.

Online care

Although telehealth does not entirely replace face-to-face medical care, it does make it simpler and more accessible to access health care, particularly for items such as basic emergency and preventive care, prescription refills, and more.


Explains the advantages and challenges of your online health, and offers suggestions for online treatment to yourself and help. Online tools can be an excellent way to help for your wellbeing. Innovative steps are being taken globally to enhance the connectivity of healthcare providers to the public domain.